Timeline and Options for Expired Domains

Expired domains go through four different stages:

  1. Renewal Grace PeriodClosedThe Renewal Grace Period allows registrants a number of days to reclaim their domain name for a number of days after they expire. This length of time is 30 days for most domain extensions.
  2. Redemption Period
  3. Pending Delete
  4. General Availability

The process and time lines for these stages differs slightly from one domain extension to another. Please see the domain specific section of the FAQ page for details outlining the process for each specific domain. What follows is a general overview, which is applicable to most, but not all, domain extensions.

Renewal Grace Period

This period begins the day the domain expires (we process expired domains at 9:00 AM the day the domain expires), and last for 30 calendar days.

NOTE: For .CA domains (only), CIRA does not permit the routing of expired domain names to a parking page etc. Instead, the requirement is that all routing for the domain (including email) be suspended. This will result in all aspects of the domain no longer functioning. Such a domain is still recoverable via the means outlined in the is article.

Redemption Period

This period begins at the end of the Renewal Grace Period, and lasts for 30 calendar days.

Pending Delete Period

This period begins at the end of the Redemption Period, and lasts for 5 calendar days.

NOTE: .CA domains undergo a proprietary process in between the Redemption Period and being put back into General Availability. Please see the .CA specific section of this FAQ for information on the To-Be-Released (TBR) process, or see http://www.webnames.ca/content/tbr.asp

General Availability

This period begins at the end of the Pending Delete PeriodClosedThe 5 day reconcilliation period falling between the end of the Redemption Grace Period and when the domain is released back to the public for general registration. A domain in Pending Delete status cannot be restored., and denotes that the domain is available for registration by any party as a new Registration.

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