Building Website with Web Presence Builder

Parallels Web Presence Builder (also referred to as editor) is a visual editor that lets small business owners and individuals create their websites quickly and easily. With Web Presence Builder, you do not have to write code or configure servers to start a blog, open an online store, or set up any other form of website. You just add the content blocks that comprise your site (text, image gallery, online store) by dragging them to pages, fill these blocks with your content, and publish the result. That's it!

Start Creating a Website

When you start working on your website, you do not have to write text, search for the images, and adjust the site look. Just choose a topic that best suits your website, and Web Presence Builder will generate a site template that already contains a set of pages, pictures, and text relevant to the selected topic. Each time Web Presence Builder generates a website, it uses a random set of element designs, so you can be sure that your website design is never repeated.


Once you have selected the topic, you will be prompted to enter some additional information that Web Presence Builder will add to the website's pages, for example, your phone number, which will appear on the Contact Us page.

For more details on how to start creating your website, see the section Creating a Website.

Fill the Site with Content

As soon as Web Presence Builder creates your website, you can fill it with your content. Your main editing tool is the Web Presence Builder's main menu. You can do the following by using the menu:

To learn more about actions available to you in the editor, refer to the section Getting Familiar With the Web Presence Builder Editor.

Find instructions on managing website look and content in the section Editing a Website.

NOTE: The images libraries contained within the Web Presence Builder are licensed for use only within Web Presence Builder. They are not licensed for use outside of Web Presence Builder in any circumstance or manner.

Make the Site Available on the Internet

After you finish editing the website, make it available on the Internet. To let people see your site at your domain name, publish the website by clicking the corresponding button in the main menu. When you click this link, Web Presence Builder generates the static pages and scripts that comprise your website and places them in the appropriate locations on the server so that people see them when they enter your domain name in their browsers. Learn more about publishing websites in the section Publishing a Website to the Internet.

You can also attract more visitors to your sites by placing a site copy on Facebook - a popular social network. Refer to the section Publishing a Website Copy to Facebook for detailed instructions on how to do this.