E-mail Forwarding

E-mail Forwarding is an extremely powerful tool that allows you to create e-mail addresses (aliases) for a registered domain name and have them ‘channeled’ or redirected to a working e-mail address. Each domain registration includes one free email channel, additional email channels are $5.00 / year.

Using your own easy to remember domain name, E-mail Forwarding is the perfect way to mask a generic ISP e-mail address or a long, cumbersome address.

Multiple “aliases” may be set up (e.g. president@yourdomain.ca, info@yourdomain.ca, sales@yourdomain.ca) that you can then channel to any working e-mail address (a great way for small businesses to mimic a larger corporation). There is no limit to the number of aliases you purchase.

All you need is:

  1. A working e-mail address for the e-mail aliases to channel to (can be through a free e-mail service such as hotmail.com as long as it works) and
  2. A registered domain name that is not already hosted by another Internet service provider

NOTE: E-mail Forwarding does NOT provide you with an e-mail account or mailbox with which you can store e-mail or send e-mail.

Email Forwarding cannot be used in tandem or mixed with Webnames' traditional email services.

To manage your domain's email channeling address(es):

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