Domains Protected Marks List

Protect your brand across 200 new domain extensions

The launch of more than 1,000 new generic Top Level Domains (new gTLDs) is the biggest expansion of the internet. From .ATTORNEY to .ZONE available, brand protection is now more important than ever.

Powerful Protection

The DPML protects both exact match trademarks and keywords containing your mark.

Comprehensive Solution

In total, the DPML defends your brand across 250 domain extensions, and counting.

Affordability at Scale

Defend your brand from infringement, at a fraction of the cost.


Offered exclusively for domain extensions offered by the Donuts Registry, gain extra features including:

  • Prevent registration of up to four strings (1 exact match plus 3 additional variants) across current and future TLD extensions.
  • Available as a 10-year term block
  • Block both standard and premium domain names
  • Block third-parties with the same trademark from overriding your DPML block
  • Option to block additional variations for an additional fee

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Domains Protected by DPML

Donuts domains covered by DPML (235)


Minds + Machines domains covered by DPML (15)


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Domains Protected Marks List?

The Domains Protected Marks List or DPML is a rights protection mechanism introduced by Donuts Inc., the company with the highest number of new top level domain applications.

What are the trademark requirements of the DPML?

In order to qualify for the DPML, your trademark must be validated through the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) and you must present the Signed Mark Data (SMD) file demonstrating your trademark’s proof of use. DPML Blocks may be revoked should the corresponding TMCH enrollment be allowed to expire.

What are the benefits of performing a DPML registration to protect my trademark?

Comprehensive The DPML allows you to protect your brand and trademark across all the different gTLDs or new domain extensions applied for by Donuts. This prevents your competitors and from infringing and registering domain names that contain your trademark.

Control and Flexibility The DPML blocks domain registrations that contain or directly match your trademark, unless the domain is secured during the Sunrise Period. While these domains are blocked, you still retain control over the usage of these domains by purchasing domain overrides.

Simple The minimum term of an initial DPML submission is 5 years. During this time, all domains that are covered by your DPML block are protected, thus eliminating the need for administrative and maintenance costs of these domains.

Affordable The DPML is a cost-effective solution against trademark infringement. Traditional domain dispute cases were resolved by submitting a Unified Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) and fees for each complaint ranged from $1000 to $2000; this means that for every domain in contention, separate fees need to be paid.

An alternative option to the UDRP is to register all domain names that contain a brand’s keywords and variations of it. This is an expensive option, especially for organizations with massive domain portfolios.

As it is anticipated that Donuts will have in excess of 200 domain extensions approved, protecting your trademark and brand can cost you as little as $3.00 per domain per year, making it an affordable trademark protection mechanism.

What domains and trademarks are eligible?

Aside from the trademark validation prerequisite, trademarks submitted must be an exact match or contain the exact match of your trademarks.

  • 1) One to two letter characters are not permitted; and
  • 2) Three character DPML terms are only accepted if they are an exact match of the trademark submitted
Trademark DPML Trademark Term Is Term DPML Valid Reason
Webnames Webnames Yes DPML term is exact match of trademark
Webnames MyWebnames Yes DPML contains the trademark term
Webnames WebnamesEmail Yes DPML contains the trademark term
ABC ABC Yes DPML term is exact match of trademark
ABC ABCservices No DPML term not eligible for a “contains” DPML
AB ABservices No Trademark fewer than four character in length
A AServices No Trademark fewer than four character in length
Webnames W3bnames No DPML term is a misspelling that does not contain an exact match of the trademark
Webnames Websnames No The term contains an extra “s” and does not contain an exact match of the trademark

How many domain extensions will my DPML application cover?

Donuts Inc. has already secured around 150 domain extensions and expects to secure 50 additional extensions. If Donuts win ALL of their applications, it will be operating a total of 307 top level domain extensions.

By purchasing a DPML block, your trademark and domains are automatically protected across all the domain extensions under Donuts’ operation.

How many variants of my trademark will the DPML protect?

A trademark owner purchasing a DPML block may select only one label listed in a SMD file. All labels in the SMD file are not automatically blocked by one DPML subscription.

For example, the SMD file for a company called “Trade & Mark” may contain three variants:

  • TradeandMark
  • Trade-and-mark
  • Trade-mark

In the example above, Trade & Mark will need to purchase three DPML blocks to cover all of the labels they own.

What is a DPML block?

When you submit your trademark to the DPML, any domains that either match or contain your trademark are effectively blocked off. If you were the one who applied for that DPML block, only you will be able to manage those restrictions. This effectively blocks any party from registering any domains that contain or match your trademark.

Can I block domains that have already been registered?

Domain names that have already been registered (i.e. by another Trademark owner) will remain unblocked. The only way to block or claim the domain name is if it expires and is not renewed.

If I change my mind about a certain domain name, can I unlock it?

You can unlock specific domain names that your organization wants to use by submitting a domain override with your TMCH validated trademark and SMD file. The override can be submitted at any point in time, as long as your DPML submission is still active.

Please note that you will have to pay an override fee plus the domain’s registration fee to override a domain block.

What is the difference between a Sunrise registration and the DPML?

The DPML itself isn’t a domain registration but protects your brand across all the domain extensions operated by Donuts. The blocked domains will not result in a Domain Name that resolves on the public Internet, but will be published in the WHOIS database and provide information about the DPML Block Holder. The DPML also protects keywords that contain your trademark; in other words, domains that MATCH or CONTAIN your trademark are protected.

The Sunrise period allows trademark holders that have successfully validated their trademarks through the TMCH to register individual and fully operational names that MATCH the labels in their SMD file.

During this time, you may register exact matches to your trademark, even if they have been previously “blocked” by another party’s DPML registration.

To ensure that your brand and trademarks are protected, we recommend participating during the Sunrise Periods of domains that you feel are most at risk.

What are the similarities of the DPML Registrations offered by Donuts and Minds + Machines?

Each standard DPML service blocks registrations for the exact string the DPML is registered for:

  • Donuts: Does not block Premium domains from being registered
  • M+M: Most premium names can be blocked, however each extension will reserve certain premium names for future use. These names will not be eligible for DPML

What are the difference between DPML Registrations offered by Donuts and Minds + Machines?

Each DPML product provides protection for a different subset of extensions.

Override Fees

  • Donuts: None
  • M+M: Equal to the TLD's Sunrise Participation Fee (Wholesale)

Registration and Renewal Terms

  • Donuts: 5 to 10 year registrations / 1 to 10 year renewals
  • Donuts: 10 year term
  • M+M: 5 or 10 year registrations / 5 or 10 year renewals

* SMD file must also be renewed at TMCH and remain valid throughout the duration of the DPML

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